Debts are never planned, payments are.

We at IncassoPartners collect debts, using innovative digital tools with a human approach to provide tailored solutions that make debt collection efficient and socially responsible. We put people first.

Positive & effective

Debt collection

Looking for a debt collection agency? Choose positivity! IncassoPartners’ people-first approach is the key to effective debt collection and happy customers, who pay the way that best suits them. Together, we go the extra mile.

Click & pay

Paying online

The strength of IncassoPartners is our personal, state-of-the-art approach. Debtors have access to their own personal web portal where they can easily make and keep track of payments online. Now that’s personalised service.

Near & far


We at IncassoPartners cross borders. Our positive attitude works both at home and abroad, making us your go-to partner for international debt collection as well.

Our vision

Make love, not war

We believe in the power of positivity. We approach each debt collection case with an open mind, to provide personalised solutions so we can all happily move on. To us, it’s only logical: more overdue payments made, more cases resolved and many more happy customers. Peace!

Our mission

Helping people out

Our motto is ‘people first’. We work with your customers to find the right solution and can even wave extra costs to prevent debtors in delicate situations from sinking further into the mire. That’s socially responsible debt collection – that’s people first.

Our solution

Freedom of choice

Paying the way that best suits people. With access to their own personal online portal, debtors can choose to pay all at once, in instalments or at a later date. The result: feasible solutions, with faithful payments. That’s how we combine positive debt collection with achieving the best result.

making it feel better to pay off debts.